I can not see the typing documentation?

Make sure of the following:
  • You are using VSCode, Atom or an IDE that supports the Typescript language server
  • If you have created your own configuration file, make sure you restart after changing it
  • The typing documentation might not be active. There should be a little (i) symbol at the right of the intellisense, click it
  • The language server might not have picked up the changes, restart the language server/extension host
  • If you are using Typescript, the baseUrl property in the config file should be set

Why does classy-ui create a classy-ui.d.ts file?

This is the type documentation. It should be part of your repo so that your IDE is intelligent about picking up the documentation.

Why are not my token names highlighted in a different color?

There are only some themes that highlights uppercase properties in JavaScript. Dracula Soft and Night Owl are a couple popular ones. Also with the latest release of VSCode they have turn semanticHighlighting on by default, which breaks several themes. Search this in your settings and turn it off. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly.